Our Commitment to Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Choices for a Greener Future

Zero Plastic, Zero Waste

Personal Hygiene Products in the Rooms

  • We offer biodegradable solid soap and shampoo in paper packaging;
  • We have eliminated single-use plastic in the rooms and common areas, using only paper or glass cups;
  • Plastic bags: we no longer use plastic bags in the room bins; the bins are emptied and washed at every departure and as needed; Only the bathroom bins have plastic bags for obvious hygienic reasons;
  • In the breakfast room, the placemats and napkins are made of compostable material;
  • We offer only products packaged in paper or cardboard or that can be dispensed via dispensers (jams, honey, yogurt, cereals);
  • We have reduced the serving of single-use products (available only for gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free options);
  • Hot drinks in the room: tea, coffee, and milk in paper bags;
  • Water station: at the bar and in the breakfast room, all our guests will find a dispenser of microfiltered natural and sparkling water, both cold and at room temperature, free of charge.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products: cleaning staff use only eco-friendly mountain detergents purchased in 20-liter tanks; The staff refills the individual product bottles from the tanks without ever having to change them. Once the tank is empty, it is returned to the manufacturer for refilling;
  • At the reception, we have digitized all booking procedures, eliminating the need to print and physically save booking documents.

Separate collection of plastic, glass, paper, and organic waste

  • In the breakfast room, staff sort plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, and organic waste into appropriate containers, which are then emptied into external containers and washed (we do not use plastic bags);
  • In the bar, breakfast room, and all three corridors, guests find recycling bins and are encouraged to use them at check-in;
  • In the rooms: cleaning staff collect and sort out waste found in the rooms and common areas;

Energy saving

The rooms are fully automated with individual temperature control and open window sensors.


We offer products from local suppliers and regional producers. From coffee to water, bread, sweets, fruits/vegetables, and eggs, we select local or regional companies that guarantee us quality, freshness, and fast deliveries.